Trainings and seminars

  • Personal finance management;
  • Funding and investments of business organisations, regardless of their size and legal form;
  • Risk management of business organisations;
  • Development and assessment of investment projects;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Corporate performance management;
  • Management of the sustainable development and sustainable growth of business organisations.

consulting services

  • Funding start-up businesses and business organisations in the stage of corporate growth;
  • Relations with banks and other financial institutions and investors;
  • Assessment of investment ideas and projects;
  • Investment, financial and risk management;
  • Management of projects, assets and investment portfolios;
  • Financial analysis and assessment of the financial position of businesses;
  • Management of corporate performance and sustainable corporate growth;
  • SWOT-analysis, risk and chance analysis and assessment of key management indicators and benchmarks;
  • Transactions, investments, funding and management of immovable property, real estate and property portfolios.